About Me

Hello there! Welcome to Unfinished Travels..

I’m here, not just to share my travel stories, but to help you create yours!

Let’s Try?

My name is Saloni Mehta. Well, I’m a media/marketing professional (the one that pays my bills), and a part time traveller (the one that adds some colour to my oh-so-boring life). Honestly, I feel I wasted my teenage years. Why you may ask? Could not discover my love for travel back then. Three years ago, I started travelling, and, I haven’t been able to stop since then. Neither do I intend to.

In terms of my travel style, I think I fall in the ‘always broke backpacker’ category. So, what you will find in my blog posts, are the gazillion economical ways to travel across with the best effin possible outcome (I pride myself for that).

So far, have travelled across a few countries (long way to go before I see it all!) and still exploring our magnanimous country – India.

The question that always pushes me to go beyond the boundaries: Where To Next?

I’d love to take you through my journeys. Come along, read along, and you shall see!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂